Everything you need to know about our Career Services!

Compass Center offers free individual career counseling in a non-judgmental atmosphere to all clients in any situation. We assist clients looking to find their passion, change careers, apply for a promotion, and more. To schedule an appointment at our Chapel Hill office, please call 919-968-4610. For more information visit our website at compassctr.org. Below is a Q&A about our career services, which is directed by our Self-Sufficiency Programs Director LaKiera Grimes. 

What can I expect from career counseling?

Career counseling is designed to empower you to navigate your own career path. You will work with a  counselor to develop an attainable plan to help you reach your goals. At our one-on-one appointments, you can get help writing your résumé, filling out job applications, refining your job search, and practicing interviewing skills.

What kind of experience do career counselors have?

The counselors are volunteers who may have worked or currently work in human resources, or they may have experience in career coaching. All counselors volunteer with Compass Center because they have a passion for helping people access their full potential. The counselors are determined to find a holistic and strategic approach to your employment concerns.

What if I don’t have a career or am changing careers?

            The career services apply to anyone who is in any stage in their career. If you don’t have a career, the counselor may do a skills assessment to evaluate what skills you have and how they can fit into the type of employment you’re looking for. If you’re changing your career, the counselor may help you discover how you can market yourself to a different field. The career services provide a safe place for anyone who needs to talk about their employment with someone who has their best interest in mind. Career services also extend to people who may want to keep their current position, but expand their role in it or make it more exciting.

How should I prepare for a session?

            Reflect on what your needs and goals are in regards to your career. When arriving at the appointment, it is not expected that you have all the answers. Compass Center encourages clients to attend multiple appointments to receive the most out of their services.

Are there any requirements to get free counseling?

            There are no requirements to receive free counseling. The career services are available to all people of all ages and genders. We ask that you come to the appointment willing to participate and provide feedback following the appointment. Ultimately Compass Center wants clients to have the tools they need to be successful!

Compass Center’s Self-Sufficiency Programs Director LaKiera Grimes is featured in the photo above. 

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