“Being an Ally for People Who Need Someone to Listen” – Why I Give

“Being “Being an Ally for People Who Need Someone to Listen” an Ally for People Who Need Someone to Listen”

Why I Give

Emily Hurtt

Family Law Attorney and Volunteer

Compass Center offers a variety of services to help people move forward with their lives. One such service is hosting free Family Law Information sessions in which attorneys donate their time to answer people’s general questions about family law in North Carolina. Often these information sessions help participants determine whether or not to pursue legal action in matters pertaining to legal separation, divorce, child support, and more.

Emily Hurtt, a family law attorney at Bagwell, Holt, and Smith P.A., has been volunteering at Family Law Information sessions for past nine months.

“I started volunteering at Compass Center because of the opportunity to help women and children in crisis situations.  Since becoming involved with Compass Center, I have learned so much about the clients here, including survivors of domestic violence. I’ve learned that domestic abuse can take many forms. I’ve also realized that reaching out for help in not a weakness— it’s a strength.

As a volunteer I have found that people are so gracious and just need an ear to listen. Knowing that I can be an ally for people who need someone to listen is part of the reason I enjoy volunteering at Compass Center.”

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