What to bring to your VITA appointment

What to bring to your VITA appointment:

Bring all the documents listed below, as applicable to your tax situation:

  1. Photo ID, Social Security Cards & birthdates, or ITIN Letter for everyone named on return
  2. Copies of 2014 federal and state tax returns
  3. All documents regarding income received in 2015: W-2 forms, social security income, pension, unemployment, retirement income, other work forms showing earnings, listing of all cash income
  4. If you are self-employed and eligible, bring receipts for expenses and statements of income.
  5. Interest and dividend statements from banks and investments (Forms 1099)
  6. Home sold in 2015: All records of home sales, including closing statements for original purchase and sale of your home
  7. Stock sales in 2015: All records of stock sales and the date and price of original purchase
  8. Dollar totals by category for medical expenses (doctor, dentist, hospital, prescriptions, parking and miles driven to doctor/dentist)
  9. Itemization of charitable donations (cash and non-cash)
  10. List of volunteer mileage
  11. Amounts paid for day care or afterschool care and provider’s identifying tax number
  12. Education Credits: 1098T statement along with receipts for books, computer & Internet charges. Bring statement from your college about expenses.
  13. Receipts for mortgage interest, personal property tax, real estate tax, vehicle tax
  14. Form(s) 1095 Affordable Health Care Insurance Statement from the Marketplace and if you have dependent(s), bring ALL their income information.
  15. Both spouses must be present to sign joint returns
  16. Bank routing & account numbers such as on a check for direct deposit of eligible refund
  17. Phone number where you can be reached day and night; email address, if available
  18. Any and all information you receive from the IRS
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