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Announcing New Housing Funds for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Compass Center for Women and Families is excited to announce that we can now provide funding to help survivors of domestic abuse and their children afford safe housing.

Compass Center’s new “Housing Micro-grant Program” begins  today, Tuesday, January 15th.  Through this program survivors of domestic abuse will receive funds to support rent, utilities, deposit assistance, and moving expenses for up to 120 days.  In order to qualify for this program, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Live in Orange County or have fled Orange County as a result of domestic violence. 
  • Be fleeing a domestic violence situation or have fled a domestic violence situation in the past 18 months. 
  • Be able to attain a lease in their own name and provide documentation.

Please note that the Housing Micro-Grant Program is meant to assist survivors in attaining long-term housing and cannot assist with immediate crisis needs or maintaining current housing. 

For more information about how to apply call  Compass Center at 919-929-7122, send an email to or visit our office in Chapel Hill.



Our Executive Director, Cordelia Heaney, Visits Chapelboro News!

Our Executive Director, Cordelia Heaney stopped by 97.9 The Hill on Aaron Keck’s show to promote events for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and ways that the community can get involved. Listen to her story here, Cordelia’s session is from 1:55 to the 10:55 mark!

Compass Center’s Advice for Talking to Children about Healthy Relationships featured on

Compass Center’s Advice for Talking to Children about Healthy Relationships featured on

Compass Center’s Director of Education Programs, Valerie Sauer, recently served as a guest editor for

In “How to Talk to Your Child About Healthy Dating Relationships,” Sauer gives parents tips about how to broach the subject and how teens today may approach dating differently than previous generations.

Sauer also gives a list of “dating rights” that parents can incorporate into the discussion to encourage teens to think critically about what it means to be in a healthy relationship. Dating rights include:

  • You have the right to feel safe and respected.
  • You have the right to decide who you want to date or not date.
  • You have the right to choose when/if you have sex and who you have sex with.
  • You have the right to say no at any time (to sex, to drugs or alcohol, to a relationship), even if you’ve said yes before.

To read the guest blog, visit

CBS 17 Interviews Compass Center ED about Domestic Violence in Orange County

CBS 17 Interviews Compass Center ED about Domestic Violence in Orange County

On Thursday, August 23, CBS 17 reporter Derrick Lewis interviewed Compass Center Executive Director, Cordelia Heaney, as part of story about recent family violence incidents in Orange County.  The video is available on CBS 17’s website.  Heaney appears towards the end of the segment titled, “NC man thought gun was unloaded when he shot girlfriend, 911 call shows.”

Below is an excerpt:

“Over the summer we’re definitely seeing more clients reaching out wanting to either call us on our hotline or seek protective orders or seek other services,” said Cordelia Heaney, the executive director at Compass Center, a program for domestic violence victims.

She said 79 people were murdered in North Carolina last year in a domestic violence relationship.

In 2017, more than 1200 people reached out to the center for help, records show that’s more than double from six years ago. 


“New Grant Helps Orange County Domestic Violence Survivors with Housing”

On July 25, 2018, Spectrum News aired a story about Compass Center’s new housing and therapeutic services. To view the story click on this link to the Spectrum News Central Carolina site.

Spectrum News Interview About Empowering Journeys Luncheon

April 11, 2018- Yesterday, reporter Caroline Blair of Spectrum News, interviewed Compass Center Executive Director Cordelia Heaney about the Empowering Journeys Luncheon. Click on the image below to view the video and accompanying article. The benefit luncheon takes place on Wednesday, April 18. Ticket sales end this Friday, April 13Buy tickets online or call 919-968-4610 for information.


Compass Center Featured on WHUP Radio’s 3-D News in Hillsborough

On Thursday, Oct. 5, Cordelia Heaney, Executive Director of Compass Center for Women and Families, appeared on WHUP 104.7  radio in Hillsborough to talk about Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Heaney and 3-D News Host Bob Burton, aka “Mr. B,”  discussed local resources for victims of domestic abuse and the many educational and fundraising events taking place this month to raise awareness about domestic violence.  Heaney encouraged listeners to attend the month’s premier event— a screening of the film “Five Awake” on Oct. 23, 6 p.m., a the Varsity Theatre in Chapel Hill. The free event is followed by a panel discussion featuring state and national leaders in domestic violence advocacy.

“Our goal is to talk about the status of domestic violence in North Carolina and to talk about how ordinary people can get engaged with advocacy and legislative activity,” said Heaney. “We can all do our part to end domestic violence.”

A recording of  the interview is available on WHUP’s 3-D News page   beginning at the 25:40 mark.

For a full listing of Compass Center’s educational and fundraising events in October, visit the DVAM 2017 section of the website. 

Cordelia Heaney, Executive Director of Compass Center for Women and Families, at WHUP’s studio in Hillsborough with 3-D News Host “Mr. B.”


Compass Center’s Latinx Services Featured on WHUP Radio

Compass Center’s Latinx Services Featured on WHUP Radio

Compass Center’s Latinx services are expanding, and so is the need for bilingual volunteers. Last Saturday, Sept. 16, Dulce Castillo, Director of Latinx Services at Compass Center for Women and Families, appeared on “La Tertulia con Solangel” on WHUP Radio 104.7. The Spanish-language radio show hosted by Soleir Gordon-Schaefer and Angel Romero shares information, news, cultural events and public affairs content with the Latinx community. Castillo took the opportunity to raise awareness about Compass Center’s domestic violence and financial services in Spanish, geared towards Orange County’s Latinx population. She also put out the call for Spanish-speaking volunteers.

“At Compass Center, bilingual volunteers play a vital role in serving those seeking safety, information, and support, all in the language that is most accessible and safe for them,” says Castillo. “With the help of bilingual and Spanish-speaking volunteer advocates and interpreters, we were able to respond to more than 160 clients with limited English proficiency in 2016.”

Whether volunteers support survivors directly on the hotline, diligently translate written materials, or provide information at events, each volunteer forms part of the effort to support our community. To volunteer at Compass Center, fill out the Volunteer Application .  

Los servicios de Compass Center a la comunidad Latinx están creciendo, al igual que la necesidad por voluntarios bilingües.  El sábado pasado, 16 de septiembre, Dulce Castillo, Directora de servicios a la comunidad Latinx en Compass Center para Mujeres y Familias, apareció en “La Tertulia con Solangel” en WHUP Radio 104.7. El programa, presentado en español por Soleir Gordon-Schaefer y Angel Romero, comparte información, noticias, eventos culturales y contenido sobre asuntos públicos con la comunidad Latinx. Castillo tomó una oportunidad para crear concientización sobre los servicios financieros y de violencia doméstica en Compass Center, orientados hacia la comunidad Latinx del condado de Orange. También hizo un llamado por voluntarios hispanohablantes.

“En Compass Center, los voluntarios bilingües e hispanohablantes prestan un servicio vital al responder a las personas en busca de seguridad, información, y apoyo en el idioma más accesible y seguro para ellas,” dice Castillo. “Con la ayuda de los asesores e intérpretes bilingües e hispanohablantes, pudimos responder a más de 160 clientes con dominio limitado del inglés en el año 2016.

Ya sea apoyando a los sobrevivientes directamente en la línea de ayuda, traduciendo los materiales de forma fidedigna, o proveyendo información en los eventos, cada voluntario forma parte del esfuerzo para apoyar a la comunidad.

Para hacer voluntariado en Compass Center, puede uno llenar la aplicación en linea. También puede contactar a Dulce directamente llamando al: (919) 968-4610, o enviando un correo electrónico a:

To listen to the interview, visit “La Tertulia con Solangel. Castillo comes in at the 21-minute mark.

Para escuchar la entrevista, visite “La Tertulia con Solangel”. Castillo entra a los 21 minutos. 


Host Soleir Gordon-Schaefer (left) with Compass Center’s Dulce Castillo (right) at the WHUP Radio 104.7 station in Hillsborough, NC. During the broadcast, Castillo shared the many services available to the Latinx community and encouraged Spanish-speaking listeners to volunteer.  La presentadora Soleir Gordon-Schaefer (a la izquierda) con Dulce Castillo de Compass Center (a la derecha) en la estación de radio WHUP 104.7 en Hillsborough, NC. Durante el programa, Castillo compartió sobre la variedad de servicios disponibles a la comunidad Latinx y animó a los oyentes a participar en el voluntariado.




Spectrum News Interviews Compass Center Following UNC Domestic Violence Death

Spectrum News Interviews Compass Center Following UNC Domestic Violence Death

Spectrum News interviewed Cordelia Heaney, Executive Director of Compass Center for Women and Families, following what reports called a “domestic violence” incident last weekend at UNC’s Baity Hill Graduate & Family Housing community. The incident left one 5-year-old child dead and two parents injured.

In the interview, Heaney says, “Unfortunately, homicides including children in domestic violence are not uncommon. Last year nine children were murdered in North Carolina as a result of domestic violence.”

Domestic Violence Death at UNC’s Baity Hill Community

Domestic Violence Death at UNC’s Baity Hill Community

Compas Center_FINAL

Our thoughts are with those involved in an incident this weekend at UNC’s Baity Hill Graduate & Family Housing community that left one 5-year-old child dead and two parents injured. Our thoughts also go out to their friends and family, and to the UNC community as they grapple with this tragedy. While the circumstances of the incident are not clear, news reports are calling the homicide part of a “domestic incident.” Sadly, child homicides that occur as part of domestic violence are not uncommon; nine children in North Carolina were murdered as a result of domestic violence last year. Family violence, also called domestic violence, intimate partner violence, relationship violence or inter-personal violence, is a pattern of intentionally violent or controlling behavior used by a person against a family member or intimate partner to gain and maintain power and control over that person, during and/or after the relationship. At Compass Center we assist people who have or are experiencing abuse in their relationship, as well as their friends and family, with free and confidential services. We recognize that people are victims of gender-based violence regardless of their sexuality, gender identity or expression. If you have questions about domestic violence or need support, we encourage you to call Compass Center for Women and Families’ 24-hour hotline at 919-929-7122, or visit for more information about Compass Center.

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