CBS 17 Interviews Compass Center ED about Domestic Violence in Orange County

On Thursday, August 23, CBS 17 reporter Derrick Lewis interviewed Compass Center Executive Director, Cordelia Heaney, as part of story about recent family violence incidents in Orange County.  The video is available on CBS 17’s website.  Heaney appears towards the end of the segment titled, “NC man thought gun was unloaded when he shot girlfriend, 911 call shows.”

Below is an excerpt:

“Over the summer we’re definitely seeing more clients reaching out wanting to either call us on our hotline or seek protective orders or seek other services,” said Cordelia Heaney, the executive director at Compass Center, a program for domestic violence victims.

She said 79 people were murdered in North Carolina last year in a domestic violence relationship.

In 2017, more than 1200 people reached out to the center for help, records show that’s more than double from six years ago. 


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