Support Groups

What is a support group?

Support groups offer an opportunity for individuals with shared experiences to come together, offer support to one another, and work on their own healing process. The goal of a these support groups are to help members cope with stressful life events and revitalize and enhance members’ coping ability. Support groups are led by at least two trained facilitators and usually 5-10 people attend each group. Groups are held in a safe location, and all discussion during group is kept confidential. It’s easy to get more info about our support groups by calling 919-968-4610, and asking to speak with our Support Group Coordinator. You may also email our support groups coordinator.

Our Divorce and Separation and Financial Counseling Support Groups are offered several times per year. Please check the online calendar on the Legal or Financial pages, or email our Career and Legal Programs Director or Director of Financial Programs for more information.

Support Groups

  • This is a free 8-week group for survivors of domestic violence who are experiencing or have experienced any kind of intimate partner abuse including emotional abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, economic abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, etc.
  • In order to promote trust, safety, confidentiality, and consistency in the group we ask that members attend each session. For the same reason, new members are not added after a certain point. Anyone interested in joining a group can meet with a facilitator for an individual interview to learn more and to decide if the group is a good fit.
  • In addition to talking about abuse in relationships in general, groups often choose to talk about issues or feelings in more depth; for example: self-esteem, boundary setting, safety, affects of abuse on children, healthy relationships, coping skills, etc.
  • This group is held at least four times a year and is facilitated by experienced and trained volunteers.
  • We provide free childcare during this group.
This 8-week group is open to women who want to work on building their self-esteem and encourage others in their own journey of personal growth. The focus of the group will be to provide support, encouragement, and information in a safe, nurturing, and confidential environment. Topics discussed in the group include self-compassion, self-care, and building connections with others. A screening interview is required to determine if the group is a good fit at the present time. Screenings for this group are ongoing. Call 919-929-3872 or groups@compassctr.org for more information.
  • This 8-week support group is for individuals who have gone through or are currently going through divorce or separation. There is a nominal sliding-scale fee for this group.
  • The group is held several times a year and is facilitated by two trained and experienced volunteers.
  • We provide free childcare during this group.
  • These free one-time workshops held throughout the year are open to clients and community members who are experiencing or have experienced abuse in their relationship.
  • These workshops focus on personal growth, healing, expression, self-esteem, identity, and peer support.
  • Individuals may attend one or all of these workshops.
  • No art-making experience is required and activities will be “beginner friendly.”
  • Workshops are facilitated by trained and experienced volunteers or staff members.
  • We ask that prospective participants sign up at least 24 hours before the workshop to reserve a spot and to register any children for childcare.
  • We provide childcare during these workshops.
  • This free 8-week group is designed for children ages five to twelve to promote healthy coping skills in children who have witnessed domestic violence and/or experienced a challenging transition. This group is currently limited to children living in a local transitional housing program.

How can I join?

To sign up for a group or to set up a pre-group interview to determine if a group is the right fit for you, you may call Compass Center at 919-968-4610 or email the Support Group Coordinator.

A facilitator will be in touch with you to provide more information about groups or to set up an interview. The facilitator will then give you information about what groups are currently being offered, and the time and location of the group.

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