Be Heard: How to Present Yourself and Your Ideas in any Professional Setting

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Be Heard: How to Present Yourself & Your Ideas in Any Professional Setting

In this interactive workshop specifically tailored to professional women but relevant to men, too, marketing and branding expert Esther Campi shares her perspectives on how female power and leadership are viewed, being forced to choose between being liked and being respected, and how to present yourself and your ideas in a way that meets colleagues “where they are” – and increases the likelihood that you’ll be heard. Campi will also talk about the traps that women fall into in how we communicate at work, and how to use our body language, voice and words more effectively. For every woman who’s ever been called either “too nice” or “too aggressive” – or both – at work, this workshop is for you.

The Speaker: Esther Campi

During a career spanning 20 years, Esther Campi has been a trusted adviser to America’s top leaders – from Fortune 500 CEOs to U.S. senators. As a top chamber of commerce executive, U.S. Senate press secretary and award-winning journalist, Campi has spent her career at the intersection of business, politics and journalism. Her firm, Campi & Company, specializes in executive branding, corporate reputation management and public affairs. In Campi & Company, clients gain a partner who knows how to navigate high-stakes communication, whether in a boardroom, a hearing room or a newsroom. More info at: www.CampiAndCo.com.

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