More Legal Help for Our Clients!

Compass Center has welcomed a new member to the team!

Rishi Singh, a UNC law student, is co-coordinating the Community Legal Project with our Self-Sufficiency Programs Director LaKiera Grimes. This project helps clients receive legal information on their questions related to family law. Singh listens to a client’s family situation and provides them with a legal memo pre-approved by an attorney on how to resolve their situation.

“Growing up, my mom and her sisters always had issues related to family law and it was something in her life that affected her deeply. She likes to talk about that with me and so that’s my motivation into getting into family law,” he said.

Singh hopes to give Compass Center a collection of memos that they can work off of in the future and expand the community legal project to cover more areas other than family law.

Singh’s services allows Compass Center to expand their offerings to more clients who need legal information.

“I feel like it’s an easy way to talk to someone who is in the legal field for free. While I can’t provide all the services that an attorney can, at least I can give a client some legal support and some legal information within a reasonable time frame,” he said.


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