Letting People Know Help Is Out There- Why I Give

“Letting People Know Help Is Out There”

Why I Give

Lourdes and the team at Gracie Chapel Hill Jiu-Jitsu

I believe Compass Center is important because it helps people find a way to change their lives. Women and families are often in situations where change on their own without assistance is difficult or even impossible. I wanted to raise money for Compass Center and, more importantly, raise awareness in the community that Compass Center can help people get out of an abusive relationship.

I think the work they do on the crisis hotline is so important. Sometimes people in abusive situations feel uncomfortable telling friends and family what is going on, so the ability to speak to someone anonymously and for them to have that compassion and listen to their story is so meaningful. It gives people strength because they finally have someone saying “you’re not crazy” when someone in their life might be telling them that “you are crazy,” or that “no one’s going to believe you.”


One of the things that Compass Center does is supply food and basic needs to survivors of domestic violence and their children who have to leave an abusive situation with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I wanted to do something to help.  I thought, every dollar that can be raised for Compass Center could be for diapers, someone’s food, or a safety phone for someone who needs to call the police or seek shelter.  So, I approached my friends at Chapel Hill Gracie Jiu-Jitsu about hosting a fundraiser.  They said “yes” right away.  We decided to host a roll-a-thon or “sparring” event and raised money on a crowd funding website. It was a huge success!  We had so much support from the jiu-jitsu community across the East Coast.  It was a real community effort.  Together we raised more than $4,000 for Compass Center!


I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and were so glad I suggested this event because they know someone who has been in a bad situation. Everyone had a story. My primary focus for the donation was to create awareness. I wanted people to know that if they needed help, there was somebody out there. I’m really excited that we raised a lot of money, but even if we reached just one person that found Compass Center and found their voice to get out of their situation, that is the win.


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